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Originally Posted by WI_Hedgehog View Post
@Ordinary Biker : @Seņor Gar isn't so bad, just have to get used to him, kind of like @Goat . With Gar a third of the time he's giving out bad advice to prank new guys, another third of the time he has really good knowledge and insight, a third he's plain ol' wrong, and the last third he's having trouble reading big words. Jus' gotta know which third it is. ~
I would promise to give everything he says proper due consideration, but I have already done that.

Originally Posted by WI_Hedgehog View Post
Regarding the switch, use the headlight switch. When shutting down switch it to High Beam, hit the red Engine Kill switch, then turn off and remove the key. When starting it back up insert and turn on the key, wait 2 seconds, pull the clutch lever and shift to neutral, turn the EKS to Run, wait 3 seconds, hold the Start button until the engine starts, wait 2 seconds, then switch from High Beam to Low Beam and the headlight comes on. If you don't switch from High Beam the headlight stays off.
I guess I will just have to take your word on this...

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