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  • aces and eights ·
    From what I have read on the forum, you are the person to ask when it comes to the Shinkos.
    I have read every post multiple times trying to see if I have missed anything and have yet to find answers to 2 questions that I hope you could answer.
    Seeing you are in Virginia, I would guess weather conditions would have some similarity to here in Washington state, primarily the wet/rainy aspect. I have been told the 005's are no good for riding in the rain by the local shops and want to sell me skins at twice the price. I would rather hear from someone with real hands on experience.
    My other question is in seeing the 240 mounts fine on the stock wheel, how hard would it be to do myself using tire bars and more important, how hard will it be to remove?

    Thank you for your time
    AKA Scott
    ArtsyJJ ·
    Hey Bill -- I saw your visitor message. were you mailing a check or sending Paypal? If Paypal then I haven't received anything. If a check then I'll check my mail... Cheers and enjoy the painting - THANK YOU SO MUCH for commissioning it!
    figs ·
    Hey there Fantastic Fury Friend's, I have owned my fury for 5 years now and have always been looking out for a set of Chrome Cobra Speedster Swept exhausts but they were always to expensive here in Ireland , is there anyone here in the group any for sale? New or Used?
    Thanks in advance. Figs ,from up north in the Emerald Isle.
    trx450rr ·
    good morning didnt know if you recieved my email the other day. just checking if you heard anything from the post office?
    drivinfast ·
    hi this is drivinfast. you commented about dropbox. on my entry, are not seeing the 5 pictures? I logged out and i see them still, thanks
    paul13131313 ·
    Hello Bill,
    I need a quote on an Interstate tank that I need the paint removed from, the seam cut off, welded up, dent removed, readied for and painted R201 Magna Red, ColoRite Top 2610. Pictures to follow to an email address.
    doctorgary ·
    Cheers! Thanks for that. I just wanted to check with you before I put to on the bike. Rather find out about problems before they happen. Sounds good to me and looking forward to a bit more rubber. You guys have the good weather over there now, not like here.... cold and wet at present!
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