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  • ChicoFury ·
    Howdy - if you haven't voted for FOTM yet, would sure appreciate your vote. Running a close second (for the first time) !! Many thanks. Chico
    davelee ·
    hey Dave got a question for are you running 8 degree triple trees like Sludge. i never really could tell the difference until my bike was beside his man big difference. i wanna do that or at least put on fork extensions. i think you are running them if so what had to be done for your break lines and cables? also i want to put on handle bar risers. what needs to be done?
    Furydave413 ·
    I agree Dave( my name too) only reason I bought them, well main reason anyway. They do look cool tho.. Yours had the squished out sealant too apparently? Sorry to bug ya,Furydave
    FuryousChopperBlues ·
    Dave are the fork extensions and risers on in this pic? not sure i can tell the difference if they are, it sort of looks stock here? if they are it looks good. thx

    Lmtless ·
    Hi Dave,
    I was researching fork extenders (amongst other items), and happen to see a post you made in a thread on the subject.
    I love the look and I actually had them on the bike when I bought it.
    The bike had an 8* tree as well as 3" extensions. I had never rode a street bike at this point so it was all removed and i had never gotten a chance to experience the ride. I had sold the parts and now I'm wishing I hadn't.
    So.... what extensions do you have?
    1" or 3" and how does it change your position when riding?

    And one other question, have you replaced your front tire? I need to get a new one sooner than later.
    Any suggeztions recommendations would be great.
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