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  • TAZ ·
    That's great and it Goes to show that Fury's rule. I'm trying my second one this Saturday. Win or lose, it's fun to show your bike. Would love to see a pic of your bike. TAZ
    suvettez400 ·
    Yea man. Let me know. I work 5 minutes from lids.

    I will be getting the extenders but tax time is a real busy time of year for me. 70 hr work weeks suck. I dont even know if the fury is still in the garage. Ha. Hopefully ill be ordering them and the chin spoiler soon. I go back to 25 hr weeks in may. So ill pop those suckers on then.
    suvettez400 ·
    Captain Fester. How are we today my friend? First of... Beautiful bike. I would never say it to my fellow Matte compades but i kicked myself in the ass after i bought my bike then saw it replaced by a blue one at the dealership. Anyway about those extenders a few (a lot of) questions. I can tell a difference in the bikes stance in the picture but sometimes pictures dont do justice. When standig next to the bike can you notice a big difference? How does the ride compare to stock? I sat on my bike one day without the seat and really like the tank and bar height like that. Is this similar? Sorry for bein a pain in the ass but ive been kickin this and the trees around for a while. And to be totally honest i just dont wanna spend the $$ on the trees. Thank you for all your help.
    captainfester ·
    Negative stick. That's my buddy. He's in for 15 years right now. I work in vessel operations for a large commodity shipping house.
    stickman ·
    Hey Captain,

    Is that you in the mail man uniform? I'm a retired letter carrier... glad to have it behind me :) 30 years of the intimidation... I was a shop steward.
    phlaug ·
    Just saw Low & Mean posted the install video for their forks. You going ahead with it? I would love to see them in person. If you want help installing them, I could try to swing by as well. Later...
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