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  • FuryousChopperBlues ·
    Coop!!! Thanks for the FOTM Vote! :) Hope your doing well! Maybe you can come down and do a Skyline Drive, VA ride in the spring. Don't know if it's too far or not. Cheers!
    Pickelhaube ·
    Hi Coop,
    Bought a used C&C seat on the fotum. Are you still willing to act as a trans-shipment agent for me? I would need you to hold on to the seat for a couple of weeks though.
    Please send me your mailing address.
    FuryMark ·
    Hi Coop, I like Fury Nation patch you have on your vest. Where did you get it? I'd like to have one to add to my vest, but a smaller size.
    Invicta ·
    Hi Coop, how ya doing? How are the mods coming along? I'm waiting on a couple of shipments, interesting to see what import tax I end up with :rolleyes:. PM me when you've got time, wanna know what the rooster's been up to ;)
    Cooperj ·
    flash, that is a great suggestion. I will look them up and give them a call. I think that may be the best option as she wants to be able to ride with a bit more comfort, but I (obviously) do not want to get some crazy seat that doesn't look good.

    thanks for the info!
    flash ·
    Hey, another rear seat option with the Outlaw Chrome sissy bar is sending the seat off to Mean City Cycles and have them modify it. I did that with my front seat and couldnt be more happy with the comfort. That memory foam and reshaping does miracles (and they lowered me 1.5"). I plan on getting the rear seat done if I get a girlfriend that wants to ride. The front seat was $115 to get modified. IDK how they charge for the back seat. Good luck. Alan
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