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  • rflournoy ·
    Hey Dave, I love the Bike young man.... Love it. Is that a 240 Tire Kit? and did you have the struts made custom? I'm interested in having some struts made for the fender that came with the bike. (Something simple) Any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance.
    Dick fury ·
    Hi Dave. Your bike looks great. I think I have the same rear fender as you and I was wondering what fender struts you used? I wasn't sure if they were the ones that come with the sumo kit or not. Any help would be great. Thanks.
    skewzme ·
    I understand you cut a set of Cobra sweeps. I'm considering it also.
    Can you tell me where you got the tips, and if you are happy with how they sound?

    Did you discuss it on the forum? Got a link? I couldn't find anything.

    Tim Williams
    davelee ·
    hey dave just an u date i am working on my gangster fender and man is it ever hard to get it looking good i have done some glass work on it and cutting..i didnt like how that turned out so i ripped it apart and have started over this time it is working out much better. i was wondering do you have any tis or pics of yours as you were doing it?
    rushman2112 ·
    saw some pics of your bike and I am in love with that rear fender, just curious if that is a custom made fender or modified from a fender you bought. very beautiful bike...whoops had to wipe the drool from my mouth......take care
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