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  • bensonp ·
    DJ, saw your Fury with the sweeping beaters. I love the look. I am probably going to order some from BR. Are yours 14 in? And 1 1/4 diameters? What size risers? I am new to biking and just bought a 2013 Fury. Thanks for the help.

    tonto ·
    hi mate I want to put ape bars on, and went to the web page you got your BR Custom and found a nice looking bar lighting strike I am not sure what width I should get can you help, also did you us the same speedo or get new one for your bars.
    HERzy's Fury ·
    Hi there, I saw one of your posts and was wondering if you could share a pic of your Fury with the DLX mini floorboards? Thanks!
    para12 ·
    I stumbled upon one of your posts luckily. I have been looking for a spoked wheel set up for some time on my bike, a 2010 Sabre ABS. Because both bikes are so similar I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. You went with ridewright? Was it a custom order? How much work did it take to get them to fit? Did you have to go to a tube tire? Any help at all would be awesome. Cheers!
    Trax ·
    I really respect your opinion on bikes. I actally went to Tattooed Ride because you used them. I also think your apes make your bike. I actally had straighter pipes on my first design, however, with my air cleaner the pipe crowded it. Looked like a homemade job. I also had the tail dipping more severely but I, too, didn't like that. As it turns out with my bike the configuration I have seems best to me because the front of pipe isn't crowding the air cleaner and the tail is as high as it can go without interfering with passenger pegs. Without pegs they could be a bit straighter. Just wanted you to know my process. Ride well ride safe.
    Old Frog ·
    my speedo always says 00 and my tank is always on E I have a red and black wire left over coming from the bike... Everything ellse works fallowing your diagram ?????????????
    J.A.T.O. ·
    Hey man i was just verifying that my pm made it through to you. My profile is acting up again. If you have a message from "phillip07" that means my crap is screwed up again.

    Thanks for the help!!!
    ruppy ·
    Just saw your new intake setup, looks good.. I just ordered a low and mean adapter and I also got the d2moto intake.. I was wondering if you are running a fuel controller.. I was thinking of trying to run without one, I know MFR does.. bike looks good
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