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  • dragboat ·
    Yes did the T mod on it way back when we cut the backbone. How's it been going? Notice I don't get on here much. Joined back in 09 and after awhile seems like so many new folks joined and then the same old questions kept getting asked. I don't mind, just dont have anything to say the new folks will jump right in and answer LOL. Rear is easy to do ask T-Mod used to be Tony but since he greated it he just changed his handle to T-Mod
    Trax ·
    Dragboat--did you lower your rear fender? Looks great. If not too difficult I thought that might be a good winter project.
    Trax ·
    I must have 8 degree trees. That is really all that I wanted to know. I am running a 21 inch front wheel so that seems to confirm the 8 degree trees. Thanks for your help. Again, you have one beautiful bike!
    Trax ·
    dragboat--I love your bike, long and lean. I bought my Fury used and I'm trying to get as much details on it as possible. I did the "gas can" check as you did and it looks like the rake is the same as yours. My wheel base (center of axle to center of axle) is 74.25". How does this match with yours? Hope you can help. Thanks.
    Exredninjaguy ·
    Hi Larry...I'm having Mike wrap the pipes he made for me in silver wrap, he had some chrome issues. Can you send me a couple pics of your bike (which I love by the way) with your wrapped pipes so I can get a better idea of how its gonna look? Thanks!
    Thailand Dan ·
    After seeing the video you posted with the front turn signals I desidded I have to have them. Is the group buy still going on.
    dragboat ·
    Med I used some rolled stainless steel and made a sissy just like the OEM but taller the cut it off and added some stainless steel tubing so it would slide up and down then welded some stainless steel nuts and made little maltese crosses welded to the stainless steel bolts and use them for adjusting it up and down. Use the original pad and cut the pad attachment to fit the new sissy. This may not make any sense.
    medtechjones ·
    Hey man how did you get the extension on the sissy bar. That look is awsome with the C&C seat which is what I am going to have to buy considering the GF is bitchin about her butt hurting. With the stock sissy bar it doesn't look like it would serve much purpose but with it being extended I think it would be great. Thanks, Stephan
    BluFury ·
    Yours is the only one if seen , besides mine , with spike up . Your not going to beleive the difference with the dual let me tell ya . Ride On .
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