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  • huskamute1 ·
    hi frra , I like the indicators on your on fury , can you tell me where and how much for a set please thanx scot
    The Swede ·

    Tackar men jag fyller inte år förrän i November. :)

    Ja, det stämmer, det är min Fury. Hittade du bilder på Facebook?
    Lofty ·
    Thanks for adding your frame #'s, I would like to get another one from Norway.
    I sent "boniville53" a message but have not heard from him since April. I hope he is OK ?
    P.S. can tell me what date your Fury was first registered ?
    Invicta ·
    Hey bro. Looks like you got the oldest number in the group - respect :D. Enjoying great weather here, hope you are to :) Allan
    frra ·
    both yes and no. He knows Krydolf in Oslo. Think his name is Anders Røren. Krydolf do know him. I,m awaiting for his order of the fury nation world t-shirt. Krydolf and i have also asked him to join the forum !
    frra ·
    Hi Dave,
    Get a little quick around here (early morning). We do not have any badges or patches, just T-shirts(Black). Have some in size L and M.
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