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  • huskamute1 ·
    c&c straight on the case for me , waiting for price of glen. danny grey can shove theirs up their azz . cheers scot
    Invicta ·
    FN. Was just talking to JDol about this and I'll post a thread today. She is my USA distributor. Thanks. Vic
    TAZ ·
    I woould enjoy meeting you and all our Brother's and Sisters, Thanks for all that you do also
    I truly enjoy teaching First Aid, CPR,and Wilderness First Aid to adults. More people need to enlarge their skill set. As for me, I'm enjoying the rest of my life and love having the friends (extended family) I have on the Forums. Than ks FN and Ride Safe, Rick
    TREM ·
    Cool, I'm glad they went to someone that can appreciate them with the Fury's handling geometry. Enjoy & you have a nice weekend as well.
    BladeFury ·
    Sorry it took so long for me to get back to you!! Some reason it didn't show up in my messages.... They feel actually thicker... comfort is great but keep in mind I ride with gloves..They are made by DLXPRODOX.COM...a little expensive stuff but everything I have bought has been very high quality which I expected for the price...Very Happy with my purchases!!
    Fury Customized! ·
    You know we think alike! its funny you mention about the mirrors Im going to paint the chrome part of the mirrors the red and the tops of the fingers red as well except for the middle finger will remain all black haha
    Invicta ·
    Thanks FN. Don't think I'll every get that kinda stretch without a further 2" on the MFR forwards I got. Maybe shave the OEM seat, but I'm going to gel it this winter, will see what I can do.
    Invicta ·
    Hey FN, pics are cool, posted comments.;) Interested in your elbow protection and been thinking the same. Do you have same for knees? Any recommendations? Cheers.
    BrandiLea ·
    Of course we nurses gotta stick together! That way we can keep it together for our Docs!!!!:) I have been dyin to ask you how much you love your risers. I'm right at 5'4" with my boots on and the stretch is a bit tough after a while. And does your seat push you forward a bit? I haven't been on here alot lately due to my mew job, but hope to hear from you soon.
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