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  • Kbuskill ·
    You just stick @ in front of the user name that you want to mention... like @Kbuskill

    It will also send a message to that person that they have been tagged in a post.
    zakky ·
    hi Ken how are you.My name is ZAK AND FROM MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA.
    Ty Dimig ·
    thanks for your help! I do have some questions about reflashing the ECU. Do I have to have the pipes and air filter changed? or can this be done stock? I don't have the cash currently to change it all at once. I also have to do this in the street pretty much to remove it. How difficult is it to do-worried about the shock and trying to get it back together.
    matt summers 42 ·

    just throwing this out there, but you do seem to be the kinda guy people trust with their property etc ;-)
    i'm trying to purchase of a rear turn signal light bar (all in one kit) with the side brackets that attach to the frame rails of the bike, not stick on with 3m tape,

    I have found them in two places so far, evil bay, and however amazon will not ship to the uk and evil bay take a $140 dollar item, and add a combined additional 80 dollars in postage and customs for shipping to the uk.

    i'm looking for a trustworthy source that would purchase and post one of these items (tax free) to the uk on my behalf. just wondering would you be willing to help me out or know of any such good Samaritan haha
    thanks, Matt
    Jeremy Alan Hurst ·
    In one of your comments you uploaded a picture (I have attached it). What fender is that? I am really wanting something short like that one or like the other I found on a youtube video.

    Have any idead where I can get one?

    bos_pen ·
    Hi Kbuskill,

    In one of your posts you mentioned that there was a parts list for your air ride system. After several searches I could't find it. Can you send me the link?

    Invicta ·
    Hey Ken, how's things been on the forum? The hot start problems didn't stop. Had the bike shut down at lights a few times and then wouldn't start so I've swapped back to my ECU and problem solved. I'm thinking maybe I could ship it back via you to see if Guhl can teak it? Maybe the idle is too low? Hope all is well with you and family. Cheers. Allan
    chrisjones318 ·
    Thanks for your response. Don't know why the idle was up for a few days. Filled up the tank with super
    and took a short trip out of town and it sat back down every since.
    Ordinary Biker ·
    Ok, ECU is on it's way to PA. Just wanted to thank you for the effort you put into this, getting the info out etc.

    Talked to an employee of Don's this morning, I think his name was Rob, nice guy, very friendly and helpful.


    QZephyr ·
    OK, I'll give it a shot. Not sure if I can come up with a reusable chart but at least a criteria. I'll try to do something with just the computer keys and see if copy/paste will work. I'll try a couple things over the next couple days.
    QZephyr ·
    So what I am thinking is a title such as "ECU Reflash Customers:post Satistics Of Durability and Performance" or something like that. Enough info in the title and then in the 1st post, listing what should be listed like mileage, issues, upgraded features their bike has, the settings for their reflash, MPG, location (to determine where they live) etc. They should update their post if something changes, such as praising at 1st and then a sudden issue should be corrected. Of course staying on the subject should be stressed. I wonder if we could come up with a graph chart that could be set up with all the catagories and then be filled in with results? That way everything will be listed in the same order for each poster, and easy to find by everyone. This really is a big thing since most people have to buy some type of management system for their bikes to get the maximum performance without damaging their ride or voiding warranty. What do you think?
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