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  • Phatsfury188 ·
    Hello- You still making patches for members? Would love to get a couple made for the Bay area. Trying to start a chapter out here. Thank you for your time!
    Shiv ·
    Hi Krash,

    I have a 2017 Honda Fury and am using the "Honda Fury Fender Eliminator LED Integrated Brake and Turn Signal Kit"; I have completed the installation and it works fine, there is just a gap between the LED and the lip of the fender, I see from you post the way to eliminate this is to remove one of the nut/blot combinations from either side, push the led up to the fender and use some epoxy between the light and the fender to hold it together, is my understanding correct?

    Before I do anything and get my self into trouble, I thought I would ask:
    - The nut and bolt one each side, should I remove the ones closes to the back of the bike?
    - What type of epoxy should I use and where exactly should I apply it?
    49906 ·
    hey krash - i lost the thread for the tee shirt. I ahve teh shirts and the material, but need the pic again.. I remember is was the skull/wing with FURY NATION under it, correct? I'd need the pic tho. thx u can email me at JDol901 @ geemail

    BakoFury ·
    Yup, I saw your posts. You have definitely jumped in with both feet. I'm commuting it right now, getting better about my leaning and turns, and adjusting that back shock was a night and day difference for my ride. I've got a graduation coming up, so all my time and money is into yard and house prep, and with the wife changing jobs over the summer, we lose a paycheck for a month, but I'll get there. Really want to do the smoothie/widow's fang lower fork covers next, if Smokin Tyre gets freed up and makes me one. Also looking for something to turn the key into after seeing that knob one of the other forum guys did (I think you commented on that one, too). But nothing as in depth as you! Love watching your bike evolve, keep that rubber side down!
    BakoFury ·
    Oh man, I gotta check yours out. Mine showed up last night! A bit of a rough start/idle, but it smoothed out nicely after a bit. Having some trouble with the turns, it handles differently from my Virago of years past, I'm a bit gunshy of leaning. But I rode for about 20 miles doing turns and U turns, I'll get it. VERY cool bike!
    BakoFury ·
    Alright, way to go! Totally jealous. Mine was in their Milwaukee warehouse yesterday, waiting to be loaded on a truck to Vegas. Not dying yet, but getting close. :)
    Pics, of course, once your newest baby arrives!
    BakoFury ·
    Mine's in the Wisconsin depot this weekend, being loaded for Vegas for later this week. Our bikes might be on the same truck by the time they make it to Bakersfield! Certainly can't beat the price, but damn are they slow. I've got a new speedo plate already here, and shopping for lower fork covers now. I'm starting to feel the excitement, that's for sure, but that sucks what happened to you, not making light of it at all. Sorry.
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