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  • Nighthawk92 ·
    Hi Lofty, I'm a new member, planning on buying a Fury this spring. I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your saddlebags from, I LOVE the look of them, and they look less expensive than the hard bags I've been seeing.

    Thank You,
    FuryousChopperBlues ·
    Lofty!!!! Long time no hear!!! You are a quiet Soul... :D I wanted to Thank you so much for the FOTM Vote! Me and BlueJ are all excited that we have so many votes :D Thanks and hope you're well! - JD
    skeletorfury ·
    HI LOFTY I dont know how to tell scot but if he see's this it may help. if he lags onto pinterst there is furys hogs bobbers anythin he wants just put it in and press serch .
    huskamute1 ·
    hi lofty, looking to get a fury to bobber the back end, does any one have any photos before, during and after or any help at all would be great cheers scot
    frra ·
    Art work on my black fury as you can see on Pictures...
    US fury logo on back fender and sculls on both side battery and spring cover.
    El Toro ·
    Hi! Lofty, I'm a new member from Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island Canada. Looking forward to customizing and riding my new 2013 Red Fury abs which i am taking delivery of on Wed. 21st.
    Probably going to 1st add low sissy bar and pad so i don't lose my wife, then thinking of adding light bar with zenon bulbs. I'm also thinking of Alarm system with remote start and wireless warning capability but not sure if it will screw up bikes electronics. The bike already comes with Cobra exhaust system, will post pics later this week.
    Furydave413 ·
    Hi lofty, this is the first time I've seen your messages . I'm very sorry , haven't been on... Actually should be getting bike back tomorrow so should be on a lot more. Didn't ride last year. Talk soon
    driftershooter ·
    Hiya, yeah but everytime I look at her I think no don't do it! The thing is work commitments have stopped me riding her as much as i'd like too which is a real shame. Probably won't sell her in the end though! ha
    groovedaddy ·
    Thanks for the note - the mounts went on pretty easy - even with the Honda sissy bar. I still have to drill holes in the bags but when I held the left one up by the mount my sidemount plate was in the way so I have to figure that out.
    Songwriterric ·
    Well if they have no plans I wonder why they have a templet for the fury already cut out.
    Now I remember , I talked to a Hannah.
    Let me know how you like it.
    Songwriterric ·
    Thats what hits people right in the face when they get close to the bike, is the tank bra and how well it's made.
    What kind of seat you got with the studs on it , this stock one just ain't doing it for me.
    BusterBuck ·
    I love the color. How do you like the windshield? I am considering a Memphis Shades shield with blue but not sure if I like the looks on a chopper. I think it would make a big difference for trips though.
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