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  • newchopperrider ·
    Hi Richard, I noticed that the gap between your rear tire and your fender is quite small on your Blue Fury, can you tell me what you did to reduce it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am wanting to do the exact same thing to my blue fury. Thanks
    Headbanger02 ·
    Hi Richard, I haven't been able to log on much lately, I have trouble with my password, I was lucky today and was able to log on, how ya doing, want to buy you bike going to be for sale....."I think" , Steve aka email is [email protected]
    Trax ·
    Are you still an administrator? I haven't been on the forum for quite some time. I used to be able to post pictures, however, it now seems that I don't have that permission. Can you help or at least sent issue to a current administrator. Thanks. Trax.
    FuryInAlpine ·
    Hello Richard, I posted a year ago under " West Coast" inside "Fury Forums", Anybody for a " Presidents ride ?", I would like for it to be removed if possible. Somehow it has been " closed" and I am not able to delete it. Please help, thanks, dave
    aj8650 ·
    Hey Rich,
    Did you have your handle bar control housing sent out to chroming, or did you buy the show chrome control housing that comes chromed?
    TAZ ·
    Brother, Congrat's. I'm glad it wasn't more than 7 points. Good luck with those DUCKS....
    Ride Safe!
    donzi18 ·
    Richard, who do I contact in regards to my membership status? Some how I can no longer access active topics on the forum. I have tried 4 different devices and none of them will get me in. I can access all the other categories but not active topics. Any suggestion? Have I been Blacklisted?
    donzi18 ·
    Richard, what has happened to our forum? Or is it just me? I cannot access the (active topic) portion of the forum. I am experiencing withdrawal systems. .............DONZI18
    aj8650 ·
    Hey Richard,
    I've been doing some research about the air ride, and I have come to an understanding that the set up you have is much safer if something were to malfunction.
    Where can I get a set up like yours and how much does it cost?
    aj8650 ·
    Sweet thanks for the info! Def want to do the same things to mine. Also do you know the part number for the bulllet turn/brake/ running light that you have?
    Thank you
    aj8650 ·
    I love those little blue triangles overlaying the chrome fender struts! Where on earth did you get those?
    aj8650 ·
    What are you selling it for?
    Also if you know of anyone else selling their wide tire fury for a good bargain please let me know I'm shopping for a friend.
    Spiderloco ·
    Hi mate. This is goin back a while but just wandering what seat you had on that white Fury that was entered in "Fury of the Month" a couple of years ago. Iv got a Low and Mean one on my bike atm but its very uncomfortable and that 1 you had looks juicy. Thanks
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