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  • 49906 ·
    SSSSSSssssssup sir?
    Yeah, been settling in new apt, new job, new town, loving it! I hope to get back going I miss your u guys!!,
    U in Colorado? Still in TX? I won't be able to read all that I've missed... have an awesome night and thx 4 the message!
    FuryousNurse ·
    Thankyou for the invite to Mabank. But for that day, it will be a little too far. I must do more nursing the next day. So I must decline. I do hope he heals well, and gets back to his business sooner.
    FuryousNurse ·
    Got word I'm only gonna be here thru next week. My days off this week are R and Sat. Next week I'm off M, T, and R. Let me know.
    Night Fury ·
    I'm fine. Thanks for asking. Most of the heavy stuff was well north of us. We had several days where the weather got pretty intense. I'm just seeing the message so I apologize for the late response.
    TiggerJapan ·
    Hey Bro, thanks for checking on me, been a rough go lately. I haven't gotten to move yet, I think end of this month. Hope your well.
    49906 ·
    Hey Whiskey--- audens, audentis (gen.), audentior -or -us, audentissimus -a -um ADJ [XXXCO]
    daring, bold, courageous; characterized by boldness/license of expression;

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