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  • Skychicken ·
    Hell I didn't even notice the Templar Cross til you said something... Yea, their both kewl.

    I like the Horse in the Chrome side Cover the best though... awesome job.
    Skychicken ·
    Hey, since I got your attention... that "decal" is that just vinyl? It looks awesome by the way... I may try and steal your idea. ;)
    matt_adams66 ·

    I did the pair valve removal last night not as hard to do as i thought. Tony has some good instructions on how to do it on the forum. Took me just over an hour i think.

    After starting it up i didn't really notice a big change in the sound but on the first shot ride i took last night i could tell it sounds a lot smoother while shifting through the gears.. I have yet to take it out on the hwy going over 55mph to see how the high rev decel sounds. but so far so good.
    695 ·
    Not sure about the accutronics adapter.
    This is the one S & S put together for the Fury
    S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit For Honda® Fury™!
    S&S Cycle - S&S Teardrop Air Cleaner Kit For Honda Fury!
    ironman ·
    Whats up woodenhorse.I ride a blue fury and live in Gulfport ms. I think it would be cool to get us ms. fury riders together on the coast this spring. What do you think?
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