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    So this is my first actual motorcycle and my father has had a life time of experiences with others, however this is the first time I’ve had this problem. I had charged the bike up full with a tender and ridden it this morning. I probably went about 70 miles or so and stopped to gas up. I turned...
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    Ok guys, so this is something unlike anything I've ever dealt with. I ran sports for 12 years, and ran into some pretty weird situations, but I ain't never seen a bike do this before: (Scroll down to the hash mark for the Short n' Sweet) For those interested in the "dramatic flair": I work...
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    Is it ok to charge the battery when it is still connected? Also is it a good idea to add the permanent charging connectors to the battery and then run/hide the wire for future charging? Thanks.
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    I have a 2010 Fury and just bought a new ProStart battery from Pep Boys. Part# 14BS SKU: 9073900 I filled the battery per the instructions, but I missed the step that said to not seal the battery (with the sealing caps) before giving the battery it's initial charge. They want it unsealed for...