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  1. Fury DIY Area
    So I was torn between spending the money for the FMB Mercenary bars (which are super nice) and sticking to my "Style" which is more of an old school look. One of the things really making me lean towards the FMB bars was the pre-existing Speedo mount. I decided to stick with my old school mini...
  2. Fury DIY Area
    i am new to motorcycles except a 2 stoke dirt bike. I know how to change the oil and that the oil is the transmission fluid, and the drive shaft fluid. What other fluids are there to change on this bike and where are they located? I have the 2013 model
  3. Fury Appearance
    Has anyone painted the rims on a blue fury? im looking for ideas. maybe a semi gloss black witha blue edging, although i feel like it would look real sport bike. would love to see some photos of what others have done since most of the stuff on here is first class work. thanks. -fester
1-3 of 5 Results