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  1. Honda Fury General Discussion
    I installed these following the paper instructions. I can not close the gap completely between the pipes and the muffler. Anyone else have this problem? If you fixed it, how?
  2. Fury Appearance
    I'm running hacker ripper pipes on my fury and after a season the black finish is destroyed. Admittedly, they do tell you to run a richer tune or they won't warranty the finish and I didn't. Should I send them back to get refinished and get the tune or is there a different way to put a stronger...
  3. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    Hi there clan. I successfully removed the upper baffle from my cobra swept today. Am having a much more difficult time getting the second out. Ive got someone who can help me, but it wont be for a few days. Is it ok to ride with one baffle removed, or do I need to park it, until the second is out?
  4. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Looking for after market preferred
  5. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hey all I could really use some help. I got new tires and I am trying to take the wheels off myself. I can't seem to figure out what is holding the dang muffler on. I have looked and there are some others that have asked but there are no pictures or videos that are helpful. If anyone can help me...
  6. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hello I have since 5 years a Fury. I have Cobra exhausts. I would like to change them because in Switzerland there are many turns and the exhaust pipes touch very quickly on the ground. It's dangerous! But the original exhausts do not have this problem, but their sound is bad. Who has a...
  7. Honda Fury For Sale
    Slightly used Hacker Warheader Exhaust for only $499.00. Shipping not included. Unit has been installed but only shows small signs of wear. Sold as it. No warranty. Available at Honda Fury Warheader Exhaust From Hacker Call us at 855-880-6660 or email us at [email protected]
  8. Honda Fury For Sale
    Guys, I just purchased a 2013 Fury. Looking for any advice in adding a back rest for the passenger, upgraded exhaust, handle bar gripps, HID headlight, and license plate brackets. It already has a integrated brake light/turn signal under the rear fender, I am just looking to relocate the...
  9. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    Both allen bolts holding the stock baffles in my Cobra Swept exhaust are rounded and still need to come out. Short of pulling whole exhaust off the bike and drilling them out, is there another way of getting them off? I'd like to avoid paying someone ~ $100 to pull the exhaust off to install...
  10. Honda Fury Wanted
    Hey guys! I'm brand new to the forum and have recently joined the Fury family about 1000 miles ago (3 months). I found a great deal on a blue 2012 and snatched it up with 0 miles! My reason for finally joining and posting in this forum is because I am desparately searching for a set of the...
  11. Honda Fury Wanted
    WTB: Front exhaust pipe cover - #4 in the drawing. Email me at: [email protected]
  12. Honda Fury For Sale
    Cycle Shack Slip-Fit replacement Mufflers. MHD-139-SD. New. Sold. Cycle Shack Slip-Fit replacement Mufflers. New! $75. Sold. New, never installed. MHD-139-SD. 19" long with 1-3/4" inlet diameter. Slash down outlets. Officially, these mufflers fit: FLSTN/I Softail Deluxe (2005-Later). Re...
  13. Fury Appearance
    Just installed my freedom performance exhaust which sounds amazing. First ride i scraped them around a right hander before i ever got off my road. So that brought on the next mod...Low and Mean 3inch fork extenders. Love both! No more scraping and the bike sounds amazing.
  14. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    I have now tried 3 different sellers on ebay to buy Freedom performance Sharp curve radius exhaust in chrome. Anyone else trying to buy these STOP so i can get mine lol. Any other similar options besides cobra i dont know about??
  15. Honda Fury General Discussion
    I just noticed what looks like a smudge/light burn on my exhaust. I tried to clean in but it is hard and does not come off.... it almost looks like the top layer of the "silver" has come of.... any suggestions???
  16. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    I'm ready to order the Dual Radius kit, but I came across a Facebook page with a link to a VTX forum saying that there are problems with the exhaust and the heat shields cracking and HK not backing up their product. Anyone have good or bad feedback?
  17. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hey everyone I'm new to the site and couldn't be happier, this is the first forum I have actually joined so I'm glad to be part of the community. I'm having a really difficult time with the slip-on mufflers I'm finding online. My question is, is there a difference between the head pipes on the...
  18. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    Looking for exhaust options, and the FSD 3D 2 into 1 looks Bad Ass! To those of you who have riden with this exhaust are you still happy? Any feedback at all would help greatly. I have read some posts about location burning your leg? Also low backpressure causing backfire even with fuel...
  19. Honda Fury For Sale
    I have stock pipes for sale. They came of the Fury I ordered which I replaced them before it was ever even started.. Make me an offer.
1-20 of 28 Results