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  1. WTB Gloss Black Rear Fender for 2010 Fury

    Honda Fury Wanted
    I need a stock rear fender gloss black in color that will fit a 2010 fury if anyone happens to have one available. I am in lower middle Tennessee.
  2. Yet ANOTHER rear fender thread, only different

    Fury Appearance
    Hey guys, I know I know there are lots of threads already about the rear fender - chop here, cut there - but they all seem to be relatively small mods to the stock fender I really would rather go with a completely different fender like the one pictured here. I've looked around and haven't found...
  3. wide tire on stock rim and fender

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hello everyone excuse me, if this kind of topic is not first on this forum, I could not find one... My fury is on stock 18 inch rim with 210/35 tire and stock rear fender. In my opinion it is too small.. Could you be so kind to advice me, without any modification what size of tire can I use...
  4. Fender Bolt

    Fury DIY Area
    Has anyone had to make a new fender (mine's a L&M reaper) bolt hole for a new seat? The stock fender would've had a bolt hole in the right place, but the L & M had to be drilled. Just not sure if any welding is needed to install a thread for the bolt to screw into. Was thinking about using...