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  1. South, Southeast & Southwest
    So we're from Montreal Canada. We're planning a ride to avoid a part of winter. The plan is to rent a pickup truck and stash the 3-4 bikes on a trailer, then drive down just past South Of The Border South Carolina to 805 Leco Rd, Dillon, SC 29536. There's a WalMart there. That's where we leave...
  2. South, Southeast & Southwest
    Votes for the location for the meet & Greet seem to be leaning towards two places so here's another Poll to come to one final location. We still need to finalize a date so jump in with your thoughts.
  3. Fury Appearance
    One thing I despise about the Fury's initial design is that plate on the back. Seems like such a conservative thing on a non-conservative bike. So, in looking around, I found this guy, Shayne, who waterjets designs on a vertical mount you can put on your Fury: Shayne's Custom Made Side-Mount...
1-3 of 3 Results