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  1. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    My 2010 Fury has the standard placement foot pegs and shifter / rear brake. But the problem is I am 6'5''. My legs are not at a comfortable angle. Add my new Corbin touring seat, which makes me sit slightly higher and forward than the stock seat, I just have too much bend at the knees. I...
  2. Honda Fury For Sale
    I have the opportunity to purchase an 2010 Honda sabre first thing I noticed about the bike the forward controls appear to be painted a flat silver... I find this unacceptable I read that Honda furys had the same forward control set up as a sabre I looked up what the price would be to buy...
  3. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Anyone in Southern Cali willing to lend their bike for R&D for a set of Forward Control Relocation Kits?
1-3 of 3 Results