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  1. What's my 2012 Fury worth??

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hey guy's I'm just looking for a little help from the smartest Fury folk on the planet. I'm thinking... I said "thinking" about trading in my Fury for something else. I'm thinking of a bagger. Anyways, it's a 2012 Fury, 1,711 miles, FSD Exhaust, Mustang Front and Rear Seats with both backrest...
  2. FSD Exhaust still happy?

    Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    Looking for exhaust options, and the FSD 3D 2 into 1 looks Bad Ass! To those of you who have riden with this exhaust are you still happy? Any feedback at all would help greatly. I have read some posts about location burning your leg? Also low backpressure causing backfire even with fuel...