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  1. Fury Appearance
    I decided to go with the Ginz sissy bar. It comes with paper templates align the holes, which, in the past for me, has not proven to be very accurate. Since it requires drilling the frame, I took up the measure 6 times and drill once concept. So I designed a 3d printable jig. It worked...
  2. Honda Fury Pictures
    Just thought I would throw up a few pictures of the sissybar that I bought from Ginz. What you see in the pictures is a 2010 Honda Fury with a Danny Gray 2 up seat, and the Ginz Tee Pee Hardcore sissybar powder coated gloss black.
  3. Fury Suspension Setup, Tires, and Wheels
    OK just so we are clear I am not blaming anyone for anything in this thread. This is meant to be completely informative as well as help me gain some insight into my solutions. I have the following modification done to the rear end of my motorcycle. T-Mod - Dropped it 1.5in L & M Lowering...
1-3 of 3 Results