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  1. Honda Fury APE HANGERS

    Fury Appearance
    Hey guys.. Just found a guy on ebay selling custom made Honda fury APE hangers with a bracket built on for the speedo! They look legit. I just want some new designed drag bars that are taller but hey this might work for others.
  2. Forward controls, if you bought em, please chime in..

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    So I know theres other stuff on here about forward controls, but I guess I just haven't seen the answers I'm looking for... so heres my peace. I just got the matte silver fury a month ago, and the only "issue" i really have is that i just don't get that chopper feel I'm looking for. I want more...
  3. Cannella Riser

    Fury Appearance
    I'm digging the look of the bike with the custom Cannella Riser for the bars and i'm hoping to get a more relaxed seat position out of putting them on my bike but had a quick question. Has anyone put them on and if so how does the piece fit with that center net in between the forks? I cant...
  4. Handlebar Lifters

    Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    I'm a pretty tall guy (6'4") and find I have to bend over more than I should to be able to grip the handlebars. I want to install lifters to allow me to sit up straighter and still have a grip on the bars. I bought 3" ones, but don't know if using them will require me to change brake and clutch...