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  1. Hard bags - stretched

    Fury Appearance
    Hey guys, new to the forum and I have a number of questions. As you can see from the pics I've uploaded I am trying to do some unique things with my 2012 Fury. Definitely need to lower this thing to make it work the way I want. I've learned from reading the forms that I'll need an air...
  2. LED Headlight Bulb

    Fury Appearance
    Hey everyone, I understand that the general consensus on LED headlight bulbs is that they suck and are not bright enough. I came across this youtube video and website that sells this H4 LED bulb kit that seems to be a great alternative to the normal bulb without getting a full HID kit. Here is...
  3. LED Headlamp Available for the Fury?

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    My brother rides a Harley Streetglide and has a really bright aftermarket LED headlamp. Are these available for the Fury or 1300 Custom line? Or do I have to go the HID route?
  4. Head light and brake modulators

    Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    Has anyone installed a headlight and or brake modulator on their Fury? What is a reputable brand, ease of install, etc... Any info would be appreciated Thanks
  5. WTB stock headlight

    Honda Fury For Sale
    Want to buy stock complete fury headlight if anyone has one.