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  1. New fury Owner, need some help

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    I just bought a used 2010 Honda fury. Couple general questions. Looking for links to purchase correct stuff if possible. 1) It has a custom rear fender and no rear pegs. I really would like to add rear pegs. I've googled all kinds of stuff and cant find the rear brackets and pegs. Anyone know...
  2. Bluetooth Helmet

    Fury Appearance
    Here is a deal Cyclegear has for a Bluetooth helmet what do you guys think? ZERO Street Gear - V600Z Bluetooth Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet - Cycle Gear Has anyone heard of a Bluetooth setup that works with an open face helmet? I was looking into getting bluetooth headphones to listen to...
  3. Need Help - Helmet

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hey everyone. Im trying to locate a solid pink helmet for my fiance. she doesnt want one with crazy designs on it and i don't really blame her. any thoughts? Thanks. - Capt Fester