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  1. Help!! Bike idles 2-300 rpms too high

    Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    So at about 10000 miles my fuel pump quit on me, warranty took care of it but when i got the bike back it idled way too high. I spent two whole days at the dealership and those idiots said they can't find anything and that its either i damaged the wire harness beating on the fuel pump or its...
  2. Need skyscraper sissy bar with devils tail HELP!

    New Member Introductions
    New here to the group, hello everyone! Also looking for a matte black skyscraper sissy bar with devils tail rack. Does anyone have one they don’t want anymore and can sell me?
  3. Clutch

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    My bike has sat during winter now my clutch won't engage. When I shifted into gear, like you normally would, it died. So tried starting it in gear with the clutch, but it's acting like it's not engaging. Is it just froze up and what's the best way to get it working?