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  1. Fog Lights or other lighting (not accent lights)

    Fury Appearance
    I was thinking of things to fill the hole above the front jug and under the tank. Maybe a chrome skull with red eyes? Maybe a set of air horns? Then I thought, what a great place for fog lights / driving lights / light bar. That little 5" headlight could really use some help, y'know? Something...
  2. LED Headlight Bulb

    Fury Appearance
    Hey everyone, I understand that the general consensus on LED headlight bulbs is that they suck and are not bright enough. I came across this youtube video and website that sells this H4 LED bulb kit that seems to be a great alternative to the normal bulb without getting a full HID kit. Here is...
  3. help!!

    Fury Lounge
    I have a 2010 and I'm trying to change the stock headlight to a LED headlight. Lots of wires back there!! Does anyone know of any videos that show how to change the headlight out? :mad:
  4. LED Headlamp Available for the Fury?

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    My brother rides a Harley Streetglide and has a really bright aftermarket LED headlamp. Are these available for the Fury or 1300 Custom line? Or do I have to go the HID route?
  5. Custom Brake Light

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hey guys I got some pics that you requested of the tail light I made, hope this helps your curiosity!
  6. Tail Light

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hey Y'all got a 2011 Honda Fury I have a led light bar on it and the thing is already junk after only 4 months and less than 2k miles on it..any one got any ideas for a sweet look but not junk...this is my baby and I CAN NOT be fixing her every other month..I want to stay with an all in one...