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  1. Honda Fury General Discussion
    How do you carry insurance card and registration? I know the usual: Backpack. Sissy bar, tank, tool, handlebar, saddle bag(s). Wallet. No key to unlock the seat since it's bolted. What's left? Behind one of the side covers. Some sort of license plate that has an attached compartment...
  2. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Anybody have any sound advice, steps, pictures, of how they went about getting rid of all the factory license plate bracket stuff?? I have the accutronix side mount and wanted to throw out this question before I go chopping stuff up.. Thanks
  3. Fury Appearance
    Ok I've read the other posts where people talk about using a saw/dremel etc. and then sand down with a file, but WHERE DID YOU CUT? I was thinking of removing the entire light assembly so I dont' mess up, but I don't know how to start. There is a light above the plate, do I just cut through the...
1-3 of 3 Results