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  1. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hey my names Justin. I actually ride the VTX 1300 not the Fury. I found the site because of the some of the customizations for the Fury I think would look great on my bike. Right now Im looking into exhaust. I was referred to the forum by a friend who saw MyFuryRide's custom pipes and knew...
  2. Fury Appearance
    MFR just left a bit ago. As you can see from the T-Mod and Shock-Mod thread, he's made plenty of people happy with those to alterations to their Furies. I didn't want to bite off on the T-Mod, still, but I did notice a mod he made to his bike I really liked and had him carry out on my ride ...
  3. Honda Fury Pictures
    MyFuryRide (Mike) just got done with two of three projects here at Chez ******'s. He wanted me to post the pics of before and after to better illustrate what you can expect if you have him do this work for you. This is TRombone68's (Tom) ride. Keep in mind his bike already had the L&M lowering...
1-3 of 3 Results