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  1. New to the forum and I have a 2013fury. I'm from Australia

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    Hey guysI have a 2013fury and I am a Aussie.
  2. 2018 Fury

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    Bought a 2018 Fury 0 miles two weeks ago, been riding for 25 years. Saw the fury in 2010, and said I'm going to own one someday. Been riding Honda's all my life mostly, CBR's. Been in the Army for 17 years so far. Living in Michigan, near Lansing. Can't wait to start modifying my ride
  3. New owner in central Conn.

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    So my wife, after out of the blue telling me I could drop our son at daycare on my Gixxer, decides that's not a good idea--that I need something with a backrest. So I went straight to Corbin to see what's available for the Fury, as I've had my eye on this beauty since it was first announced...
  4. Purchase Fury or not?

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    I am really into the aftermarket scene and have heavily modified my previous bikes. At a very brief look, there are a limited number of parts available for this bike. To anyone else interested in modifying motorcycles.... Do you find the Fury very limiting? (shaft drive, non carb., newness...
  5. Jay "The Funologist" new to Fury Forums saying Hi

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    Been driving Azzkicker Choppers and Harley's over the Summer and I have to say that I'm impressed at what Honda has revealed in the Fury and I'm looking forward to possibly buying one and hearing from all of you that own one and maybe doing some riding together in the very near future. Drop by...