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  1. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    so I went ahead and pulled the trigger on getting the ECU refreshed since I had all of my other aftermarket pieces installed and was ready to put the Cobra air intake system on the bike. I sent my ECU off to Don guhl on Monday, he got it Wednesday, flash the ECU, and sent it back to me and I...
  2. Fury DIY Area
    Hey guys, in the past I've always gone to my Honda Dealer for service items like oil/filter/plugs/etc. I'm up for the 8k service (actually have 10k miles on the bike but did some other stuff around the 2k mark resetting the need for oil & filter) and am looking to order the oil, filter, and...
  3. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    I've attached the pages from the service manual for the valves and oil change. Don't ignore the valves! You may be tempted to try to save time/money by only doing the oil change for the 600 mile service. Don't do it! When I did mine, two of my valves needed adjusting. One intake valve was...
1-3 of 3 Results