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  1. Fury Appearance
    I'm running hacker ripper pipes on my fury and after a season the black finish is destroyed. Admittedly, they do tell you to run a richer tune or they won't warranty the finish and I didn't. Should I send them back to get refinished and get the tune or is there a different way to put a stronger...
  2. Fury Appearance
    I've been wanting a change of color. Joined a pic at the bottom of this post. Lighting is weird, but essentially I wanna get the front and rear fenders and the tank in a satin black (not exactly matte, not exactly glossy, more like plastic...) I was contemplating these options: New pro paint...
  3. Honda Fury Pictures
    I just bought my 2010 Fury on 05/29/2017. I already repainted it to a matte grey color with semi-gloss but will be completing a lot more upgrades. I will be updating my progress on the bike up until the final product. Just let me know what you guys think about it! I attached photos of the before...
  4. Fury Appearance
    Hey guys, new member here. Just bought myself a 2010 fury with 10k miles on it. Looking to give her a new paint scheme this winter break. Was thinking of sending the frame off to get a satin white powdercoat and ill be painting the tank and fenders a matte black. Any opinions on this? Figured...
  5. Fury Appearance
    Has anyone painted the rims on a blue fury? im looking for ideas. maybe a semi gloss black witha blue edging, although i feel like it would look real sport bike. would love to see some photos of what others have done since most of the stuff on here is first class work. thanks. -fester
1-5 of 5 Results