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  1. Honda Fury General Discussion
    I just bought a used 2010 Honda fury. Couple general questions. Looking for links to purchase correct stuff if possible. 1) It has a custom rear fender and no rear pegs. I really would like to add rear pegs. I've googled all kinds of stuff and cant find the rear brackets and pegs. Anyone know...
  2. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Good morning all, I know this has been posted before but my 2010 Fury (bought used) did not have the passenger foot peg brackets included. Does anyone have a pair of passenger foot peg brackets to sell? Email me at [email protected] if you have a set to sell. Thanks, Vince
  3. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    My 2010 Fury has the standard placement foot pegs and shifter / rear brake. But the problem is I am 6'5''. My legs are not at a comfortable angle. Add my new Corbin touring seat, which makes me sit slightly higher and forward than the stock seat, I just have too much bend at the knees. I...
  4. Fury Appearance
    For those of you who have changed out the passenger pegs, what options are out there? Easy change, or custom parts and a lot of work involved? I don't mind the oem mains, not pretty, but not offensive. But the original passenger pegs are a butt ugly eyesore in my opinion. Pictures with...
1-4 of 4 Results