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  1. Honda Fury For Sale
    I have a rear rim from my 2012 red and black fury. Rim has a minor dent in it. Will post pictures if anyone is interested in it and then you can make an offer. I am located near Charleston, SC. I am constantly driving to Atlanta and Gainesville FL and would be able to meet anywhere along those...
  2. Honda Fury Wanted
    Hi, Looking to but a set of OEM fury rims. A little damage is no problem, I'll be shaving, widening and chroming them anyway. I want to apply them on my VTX. PM me with what you have to offer. N.B.: you must be willing to ship overseas! Thanks, Hylke.
  3. Fury Suspension Setup, Tires, and Wheels
    Wanted to put a wider rear tire on and was told that I would need to get a different wheel. I have read that the stock swing arm and fender will take up to a 240. Can anyone tell me if these would fit? Set of Black Fat Mammoth 48 Spokes Wheels 21x2.15 18x8.5 for Custom 250 Wide Harley
1-3 of 3 Results