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  1. Custom Upholstered Seat Covers

    Custom made seat covers for 2010-2020 Honda Fury VT1300CX solo and Passenger seats. Marine Grade Vinyl covers with Black Leather Pattern Vinyl sides. Embossed exotic patterns with scales and ridges for an authentic, maintenance free look and feel. Made from 100% Marine grade vinyl and bonded...
  2. Honda Fury For Sale
    Hi all. I have some parts from my 2015 Fury for sale.. 1) C&C Fastback Seat **New Condition** 2) Honda Fury fork mounted tool bag **Excellent Condition** 3) K&N oil filter **Brand New** All 3 items $250.00 plus shipping In Michigan 48042 (if your local)
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi All, I bought a Fury a month back. I love the bike and the way it looks . Just one thing I hate is the standard seat. Is there a mod I can do to try and strop it hurting my tail bone. I guess there is more than just me with this issue.
  4. Honda Fury For Sale
    I have a list of parts, MOST ARE STOCK, FROM A 2010 HONDA FURY 1300 CXA , Mirrors, passenger pegs,Turn signals, SEAT, Clutch and brake cables and handles ,Air breather, Stock pistons,Coil over for rear shock, Throttle cable, COBRA FI2000R digital fuel processor,,, ALL ARE IN REALLY GOOD or like...
  5. Fury DIY Area
    Has anyone had to make a new fender (mine's a L&M reaper) bolt hole for a new seat? The stock fender would've had a bolt hole in the right place, but the L & M had to be drilled. Just not sure if any welding is needed to install a thread for the bolt to screw into. Was thinking about using...
  6. Honda Fury For Sale
    does anyone have a factory seat laying around that they would not need??? My uncle is looking to fit one to his Stateline after seeing the one on my fury..thought i would see if anyone on here had one they would get rid of
  7. Fury Appearance
    Hi, I'm looking for a company that sells a similar seat cover as the one I've posted a pic of. I've seen similar ones before in a solo configuration but wanted to see if anyone out there knew where I could find something similar. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ben
  8. Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    Hello, I am in the market for an aftermarket seat, I really like the look of the wide touring mustang seat w/ driver backrest, does anyone have one of these? and if so what do they think of it. I am after a medium softish ass wrapping kind of seat which is confortable on long trips :) cheers
  9. Honda Fury For Sale
    I have the Hondaline tribal custom seat in excellent condition for $250.00 plus shipping. It's Listed on ebay now but wanted to put it on the forum as well. Selling my bike and I put the factory seat back on. I also have the stock exhaust available for best offer plus shipping.
  10. Fury Appearance
    Pics first Okay...working with Chuck over e-mail and Dave over the phone worked out really well. They were really helpful and made the process almost too easy. I ordered the SportTour, Mercedes Vinyl Black w/Dark Red Gator Belly in Drivers Area, Plain (can you tell I'm typing right...
  11. Honda Fury General Discussion
    I found this on a another site and it should be helpful if your wondering how to take your seat off or looking for a wiring diagram. Enjoy!
1-11 of 11 Results