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  1. Need help buying slip ons!

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hey everyone I'm new to the site and couldn't be happier, this is the first forum I have actually joined so I'm glad to be part of the community. I'm having a really difficult time with the slip-on mufflers I'm finding online. My question is, is there a difference between the head pipes on the...
  2. Video Before & After Stock Exhaust to Cobra 3-inch Slip-on

    Fury DIY Area
    Stock Exhaust vs Cobra 3" Slip-on video on YouTube I created this video by mounting a GoPro on the right-hand side passenger foot peg. Then I rode the same route before and after the installation of the Cobra's. The ride was 20 minutes and the 6 minute 40 second video presents a variety of...