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  1. Honda Fury Wanted
    I'm in the UK and looking for a reasonably-priced Cobra swept exhaust. Happy to consider international sources, and I can pay promptly via PayPal and give eBay references to interested parties. Thanks!
  2. Honda Fury For Sale
    Fell off the bike and these things got scratched a bit. I sanded them down as much as i could to try to get the scratches out before redoing the ceramic or powder coating, but decided just to get new shields which cost almost as much as new pipes :( Please email me for more pics and any...
  3. Honda Fury General Discussion
    I realize that the bike is a "chopper" but it doesn't preclude me riding hard. The Fury handles better than my '01 Shadow Sabre IMO overall. The first thing I noticed was the dragging of the pipes in hard right hand turns. Part of the issue is off-camber road surfaces but the other is the...
  4. Honda Fury General Discussion
    If anyone out there knows of a website that is selling the swept exhaust, could you please let me know. I have been to a few, and no one has them. My local dealers seem to have no idea such an animal exists!!!! Any information would be much appreciated!!! I don't really care for the Mayhem pipes...
1-4 of 4 Results