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  1. Wanted: Cobra swept exhaust

    Honda Fury Wanted
    I'm in the UK and looking for a reasonably-priced Cobra swept exhaust. Happy to consider international sources, and I can pay promptly via PayPal and give eBay references to interested parties. Thanks!
  2. For Sale, Black Cobra swept Heat Sheilds

    Honda Fury For Sale
    Fell off the bike and these things got scratched a bit. I sanded them down as much as i could to try to get the scratches out before redoing the ceramic or powder coating, but decided just to get new shields which cost almost as much as new pipes :( Please email me for more pics and any...
  3. Cobra swepts dragging in right hand corners

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    I realize that the bike is a "chopper" but it doesn't preclude me riding hard. The Fury handles better than my '01 Shadow Sabre IMO overall. The first thing I noticed was the dragging of the pipes in hard right hand turns. Part of the issue is off-camber road surfaces but the other is the...
  4. Where can I get cobra swept pipes??????

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    If anyone out there knows of a website that is selling the swept exhaust, could you please let me know. I have been to a few, and no one has them. My local dealers seem to have no idea such an animal exists!!!! Any information would be much appreciated!!! I don't really care for the Mayhem pipes...