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  1. Fury Suspension Setup, Tires, and Wheels
    OK just so we are clear I am not blaming anyone for anything in this thread. This is meant to be completely informative as well as help me gain some insight into my solutions. I have the following modification done to the rear end of my motorcycle. T-Mod - Dropped it 1.5in L & M Lowering...
  2. Honda Fury Pictures
    MyFuryRide (Mike) just got done with two of three projects here at Chez ******'s. He wanted me to post the pics of before and after to better illustrate what you can expect if you have him do this work for you. This is TRombone68's (Tom) ride. Keep in mind his bike already had the L&M lowering...
  3. Fury Appearance
    Well it worked. I notched out 1/4” out of the frame. Pushed it down. Wielded it. The end result is dropping the rear by 2”….This would be the max that it can be dropped. The front of the seat barley clips in And at the front of the fender I could no longer use those plastic push ins.But it is...
1-3 of 3 Results