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  1. Changing tanks on fury

    Fury DIY Area
    I am bagging my fury and the front wing I have decided to go with is causing me to relocate my speedo. What to do with the speedo has been bugging me for a year now. I have seen where a lot of people are mounting it on the side but I really dislike it... I was standing in a bike shop yesterday...
  2. Fuel Gauge options?

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    I tried searching for a similar thread, with no luck. Does anyone out there make a fuel gauge in a gas cap that'll fit the fury? I know many complanies make them for HD, but can't find any for us. (Motorcycle Gas Cap & Gauges | J&P Cycles) Low and Mean always come out with awesome products...
  3. Need Instruction how to remove the Tank

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    Time to Fix the dent on my Tank, Target date - April 8~20 Does anyone have instruction how to remove it, or is it posted already and I missed it, please let me know. Under Pressure now I have to fix it before May 6th .
  4. For Sale 2010 Matte Black Gas tank, minor dents

    Honda Fury For Sale
    Hello, My bike fell over and the tank hit the ground, as well as the handle bar denting the tank. I had the tank replaced for convenience. But a new tank was $1200!! I bet this tank could easily be repaired and repainted to whatever color, i just dont' have the time and resources to do that...