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  1. Fury Suspension Setup, Tires, and Wheels
    Can anyone tell me the difference. I can't find a replacement tire (the one I am riding now is a ZR ) for my fury anywhere. And the one I have is cracking on the sidewall.... So I REALLY need to find one..... I did find a 200/50 VR 76V but it says it is not made for my ride? And will only fit...
  2. Honda Fury General Discussion
    Hello everyone excuse me, if this kind of topic is not first on this forum, I could not find one... My fury is on stock 18 inch rim with 210/35 tire and stock rear fender. In my opinion it is too small.. Could you be so kind to advice me, without any modification what size of tire can I use...
  3. Fury Suspension Setup, Tires, and Wheels
    Wanted to put a wider rear tire on and was told that I would need to get a different wheel. I have read that the stock swing arm and fender will take up to a 240. Can anyone tell me if these would fit? Set of Black Fat Mammoth 48 Spokes Wheels 21x2.15 18x8.5 for Custom 250 Wide Harley
1-3 of 3 Results