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turn signals

  1. Honda Fury General Discussion
    I cannot look at my front signals any longer. I need something better and now I'm leaning heavily to the RawOne Front Blades: Who has these and are you happy, luke warm or disappointed?
  2. Honda Fury Pictures
    Found these at Cycle Gear for 50% off. Cost me $22 plus misc.wire & quick connects. First installed w/o removing fender...then a week later borrowed a bike jack to remove wheel just to make sure wires were tucked out of the way of the tire. Just wish they had a alloy or chrome light in...
  3. Fury Appearance
    Hey guys, i spoke with Bill over at Raw Design today. Tried to convince him to machine us some fork clamps for the fornt turn signals. He said he would think about doing it if we could show him some REAL interest. this poll is to see how many people would be interested. I was thinking about...