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  1. Memphis Shades Speed Demon

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    This is probably a dumb question so forgive my ignorance. I am trying to get a windshield for my new fury. It's a 2011, but I'm not sure which headlight cut out I need. I can either get the 9" or 7" cut out. I measured the headlight around, it was like 20" I measured just the lens, it was 6" and...
  2. Fairing/windshield

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    I just got my first fury. I traded in my sportster for the fury. My sportster had a windshield, and I am looking for a windshield or fairing that is tall enough to keep the wind out of my face. But, I dont want to sacrifice the looks of the bike. I was looking at the Memphis Shades bullet...
  3. Windshield

    Honda Fury General Discussion
    I have a 2010 Blue Honda Fury I just got. what would you all recommend for a windshield for it? and yes I know it would take away from the look but I still want one. thx guys!
  4. memphis shades bullet windshield

    Fury Tech and Performance Chat
    Hey guys. Wonding how the memphis shades windshield performs on the road. Does it deflect the wind well from: face, shoulders, chest??? Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks