Up for sale is a brand new set of 16" FMB chopper brand Blazed style ape hangers. These bars are gloss in color and are 1-1/4" thick but step down to 1" thick at the hand controls and at the riser/mounting point. The knurled area on these bars are 5" center to center. (custom knurled to fit the fury) These bars were never installed and sell for 289.99 + sales tax. Shipping was free so total was $313. They are designed to accommodate internal wiring. See detail for all dimensions. Keep in mind, these bars were ordered and made to fit the fury but I specifically ordered these bars to be without the speedometer mount in the middle due to the fact that I was going for a clean non bulky look, I actually re-locatied my speedo to the side. I ended up going with matte black mercenary style instead of these gloss black blazed style. I will post a pic of my bike currently with the 16" matte black mercenary bars (also from FMB) so you can get the idea of how these would look, they are both 16". You will need to cover any shipping cost** Thanks for looking