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1st Video.. Inferno Exhaust

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YouTube - Honda Fury Exhaust

i think this will work...
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Nice video. I'm still waiting for my Inferno's to come in. Been waiting 7 weeks and hopefully will get them next week sometime. The one thing I haven't seen yet is a video of a Fury with Infernos doing a drive by or following the bike...would you be able to do a video like that? Would be nice to hear what they sound like at higher speeds.
I'd like to do that sometime, just hasn't happened yet. I can tell you at cruising they sound great, but any time your accelerating they are really "poppy" (not sure how else to explain it), also when you let off the gas and engine brake it has a real airy fluttery sound, not really ideal for me but they are basically drag pipes so theres not a whole lot you can do about it...

Also if you bought the power cones id either just leave them off or make sure you have a tight seal between them and the pipes, mine were giving me exhaust leaks so i just left them off...
Haven't watched the video yet but I will shortly when I get out of work. You should have put the power cones in so that it gets proper backpressure and you also need to do the pair valve mod and I'm sure that will take some of the weird noises you hear away since they are a straight pipe. I'm looking forward to hearing a video of them, and there are two youtube video's with inferno's that I know of, one is only 7 seconds and the second one is like 30 seconds <which is pretty good> but it would be nice to hear them as you are riding and that would seperate your video from the other two. I'm getting ready to order mine today or tomorrow.
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