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Thought I'd share this with you guys. Although we did it on the black wheels of the LE, use a little imagination and you should come up with applications. Very subtle effect, but really POPS in the sunlight:eek: These pictures don't do it justice.

Add a little sparkle with a rattle can:
1)Give the whole wheel a light sanding.
2) Mask off outsides of rim and paint spokes and center section flat black.
3) Let center section dry, then mask that part off.
4) Use a candy red metal-flake and LIGHTLY spray around rim. You can lay on a little heavier towards outside of rim to get a fading look.

There are all kinds of neat and unique spray can colors and effects you can get with $20.00 (or less) from the local Autozone. Custom wheels for $20.00, not bad!



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