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600 ml. service

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I had my 600ml. service done at 1500ml, and was absolutely appalled by the price! I don't understand why one of the best motor company's would charge to have this done. If my valves need to be adjusted one would think it would be covered under warranty. If i go buy a Honda Civic, a valve adjustment at 600ml. would be covered under manufactures warranty, not $400.00.:eek: This bike cost as much as a lower line Civic and the Civic has a better warranty.Thats not right!!!!!!!!!!!!! None the less,, A service manual is on order from Ebay.
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Highway robbery my friend... mine only cost me 250.... still messed up, but.. 150 more?... bought myself some more enhancements with that money.... Guessing you paid full price for your rig and they wouldn't budge also.... oh, my mechanics understand enhancements too... don't care if i've added a new pipe system and will honor the warranty...
No i got the bike for 11,900.00 and the extended warranty for under 300. But i didnt go back to the Dealer a bought it from, to far for a oil change, so i went to a dealer closer, only to find out not to go back there again. Should have went to the original place of puchase. I would rather not say the name of the service shop that did the work, I have a call into Honda Corp. But the dealer i bought it from was Coyote Honda, good people
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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