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My Throttle Body cover is water jet from steel, bent, TIG welded, & finally powder coated with a black wrinkle finish. The Low & Mean unit is made of fiberglass composites I believe.

My Black Throttle body Cover is $89.95 & my Chrome Air Cleaner adapter & bracket are $99.95 ($189.90 for the set) & the Low & Mean unit is $180.00 for a raw fiberglass unit.

I feel both look choices look great. IMHO the Low & Mean one draws attention to the throttle body area & mine draws your attention away from that area.

My intent was to draw attention to the air filter you choose & to the V-Twin engine as a whole. Whether you choose the Accutronix item or the Low & Mean unit, I feel you will have a nice custom look over stock
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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