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(Kind of went off on a tangent, so question is at the bottom lol)

So, when replacing my radiator, I discovered the cooling fan was locking up and the blades were broken off at the bolt (most likely from contact with the radiator or the incident that damaged it, idk, I bought it that way). I hunted everywhere but couldn't find specs on the original. Of course me being me, impatient and always willing to modify and fabricate, I bought a cooling fan off Amazon. While I was unable to find stock specs on the CFM of the fury, I did come across guys with other bikes pulling 400 to 700 cfm fans thru their crotch rockets for cooling. The fan I went with is 650 CFM and seemed to spin around same speed sound and visual wise when testing wiring to make sure I had pull and not push on the radiator.

So my question is, does anyone by chance know the FURY cooling fan CFM, or have any input that will help put my mind at ease that I'm not a total ass hat here? Also, idled bike about 10 mins or so and fan kicked on. Temp outside was like 105°, fan stayed on after, was moving plenty of air, and I've read there's an "Over temp" light? After 12 to15 mins of idling, fan on, I never saw one. Do yall think im good? What other test can I do besides riding and watching? And is this an indicator light or screen message?

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I removed the radiator cap and put a Fluke temperature probe in the coolant, plus shot the fins with a Fluke IR temperature expected the probe is more accurate.

When moving over 20 MPH the wind cools the bike, so idle is probably the best indicator of overheating (since this isn't a race bike). My thought is at idle, if your fan turns back off after two to three minutes (which as I recall is the "normal" time to cool the coolant back down) you should be good. (From there you're back to the systems residual capacity to absorb heat.) If the fan doesn't turn off, that's obviously an issue.

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Hmm with ambient temps high like that, it'll be harder to tell if you have an issue if you're basing it off the fan on/off cycle. I know that the temp trigger events for electric radiator cooling fans are usually staggered.. i.e. 189 on, 180 off...

For me here in DFW, in heat like this and even have a changed temp range for the fans, mine will come on at idle and stay on for many minutes. I usually don't note when they shutoff as I'm usually already moving from the stoplight, or I've parked and shutoff the bike...

Maybe try an idle test in the night/early morning when ambient temps are lower and see if the fan will shut off.

sorry I can't be of more help :(
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